How much do you charge?

This answer varies. It depends on the date (weekends and holidays are often a different rate than weekdays). It also depends on where your event is and how far the travel is for us. After we get your info for the event, we send you an “Agreement form” you mail back with a small deposit, that guarantees your date with Cool2Duel. 

How long is your show?

 If you've ever been to a dueling piano bar, one constant is that there is no break in the action. Cool2Duel brings that same dueling piano club energy to each and every event we play. Unlike bands or other acts, we build the show and take it to a fever pitch. Different event types dictate the show length, but we like to play for around 2 hours. If you have an after-hours type crowd, we can also DJ to whatever time you prefer. Weddings include additional services as well.

What space is needed for your show?

We can fit just about anywhere. Our staging space is 8X10 if it is available. Please see the room diagram for the best layout.

How far in advance do we need to book you?

The sooner the better! The summer wedding season is very busy for us as well as December and the holiday season when many companies have their company Christmas parties. The quicker you get your date and venue nailed down and contact us, the more likely you will have a great dueling piano show at your event.

What do you bring and what do we need to supply you?

Cool2Duel is self-inclusive meaning we bring everything, lights, gear, pianos, ect… All we need is a power source,  a 20-amp service is recommended.

Is your show appropriate for all ages?

We play many types of shows for all ages. We’ve performed for Jr. high school assemblies all the way to Red Hats conventions and can play to all ages in between. With Cool2Duel you will never have to worry about us being inappropriate and offending your guests.

What kind of space do you need to bring in your equipment?

Our gear is very portable and we've never had an issue with tight spaces. Stairs, while possible, can add to our load-in time so let us know ahead.

What should we expect from your show?

If you are not familiar with Dueling Pianos, we are a sing-along, clap along, high energy type of entertainment. The best time to have us perform is at the end of your evening after awards, speeches, dinner, ext… We are NOT background music, what we do is all show and we need the crowd's attention, that’s why we tend to emphasize that we start after dinner. We also discourage having us at an event where we share the same room with other activities such as a Casino Night for example. For weddings it’s the same scenario, the best time for us to begin is after the food and special dances.

Do you require lodging?

Depending on the distance to your event, some times we would require lodging.

Can we use your equipment to do announcements, live auction, speeches, ect...?

Our microphones are always available for you to use during the event. We can provide a wireless mic as well.

Do you require a stage?

We do not require a stage although sometimes it's nice to be elevated so your guests can see us better. 8x10 or larger if ordering a stage.

When will you arrive at our event for set-up?

Although it only takes us between 30-60min to completely set up, we generally will aim at being to your venue 2 hours before your guests are scheduled to arrive.

Our event is formal, do you have a problem dressing formal?

We are comfortable in any setting. Throughout the year we will perform parties ranging from outdoor casual to dinner formal.

How far does Cool2Duel travel?

Cool2Duel is based in mid Michigan and we travel throughout the continental United States and Canada. Although much of our work is in the Midwest, we have flown to events outside of our driving range which is 12 hours or longer.

Who is Cool2Duel and how do you differ from other groups?

Cool2Duel is owned by Noel Leaman. We have a small select group of the BEST duelers in the country and can service up to 3 separate events on any particular date given ample notice. We were the first full time dueling outfit to go mobile and provide dueling pianos outside of the club scene. Winners of multiple awards, we have toured Europe, Asia and the United States extensively. Why trust anyone else with your event, give us a shout and we’ll show you it’s Cool 2 Duel!